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Established in 2017, the REBOOT Detox Kitchen is a subscriptions-only smoothie manufacturing and delivery service. Founder & nutritionist, Battsetseg N. Yost, dreamed of a smoothie shop that made "actual smoothies" that didn't just add syrups reminiscent of fruit, to put it frankly; And took it a step further to provide a way for people to effortlessly "reboot" their diet and their body through consumer-tailored smoothie programs that are meant to replace their typical diet for a week, 10-days, or even just a day. REBOOT smoothies are made from 100% natural ingredients (i.e. no preservatives, no artificial flavoring/sweeteners, no syrup, no concentrates, no chemical junk). 

We offer such programs for detoxifying (DETOX), weight regulation (WEIGHT LOSS), and/or to promote the immune system (IMMUNE BOOSTER). Vegan DETOX and WEIGHT LOSS both have the same detoxifying properties, and, after a 10-day program done correctly, will leave most with noticeably brighter skin, considerable body-weight reduction, stronger nails and hair, a general feeling of well-being, and a VERY grateful body; the list only goes on from here...depending on each unique person. The IMMUNE BOOSTER program, on the other hand, has yogurt as an ingredient for its probiotic and prebiotic properties, so it isn't labelled as Vegan. Nevertheless, this program packs a huge nutritious punch and detoxifies to a certain extent.



Seoul Street 7/1,

The Market by Rosewood 

Behind MGG Office Building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Tel: +976 9450 6626






Founder, Director, and Nutritionist...

-Battsetseg N. Yost 

Reboot is not the first successful company Battsetseg has run; Previously a professor of English Linguistics, she is also the co-founder of "Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca", one of the most renowned restaurants IN THE COUNTRY!

All this and a mother of 5.

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